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FILTERSORB CT (Combined Treatment)

Sludge Removal in RED-OXY LAB procedure

Instant BIOXIDE™ Datasheet

Polishing with Catalytic Carbon

Katalox-Light Frequently Asked Questions

Waterbody (lakes, ponds etc.) purification with OXYSORB

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06, August  2016: "WATERWORKS TO GO"

Watch-Water® News...WATERWORKS TO GO

Thousands have lived without love, no one without WATER” W.H. Auden.

1.8 billion people around the world don't have access to safe water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases.

We're here to change that. Because we care!!!

    For us, it isn't just about building and designing the advanced waterworks, highly advanced and safe products for water treatment etc. Our goal is to create long-lasting water infrastructure by working with different organization, government people and business leaders.

    To fulfill the dream of serving people, we put our 40 years of expertise and spend around 3 months in only designing the most advanced, compact and durable waterworks, which can be pack in a small box, can be install in a very small place and can serve the safest, cleanest and disinfected water to the communities.


    We feel very proud by already sending and installing 8 waterworks to Vietnam. At the moment we are earning the blessing everyday by the people of Hanoi City, Vietnam, as they are getting served by our waterworks with clean and safe water without any organics and hazards substances. And these blessing and trust of the people is our profit.

    We are very happy and pleased to announce the remarkable order we got for the same 20,000 waterworks from all round the world. As this is the best opportunity for us to serve the people with clean and safe water..

    Our waterworks design is based on long term need and long lives. We do not want to be there forever, but want these waterworks and our service to last for the generations to come.

Green Products

All of our Water Treatment Media are Green Products, creating no or minimal possible waste water. They are all diposable without further processing. Most of our chemicals are readily biodegradable.

Advanced Filtration

Our high performance granular media are to target applications from Drinking water to waste-water with advanced catalytic co-precipitation, micro-filtration (≤0.3 μm), hybrid adsorption processes for removal of a vast list of organic and inorganic.

Adsorbent Media

We manufacture high loading capacity iron hydroixde and titanium dioxide based adsrobents. Media like Catalytic Carbon, FERROLOX & TITANSORB have featured success in removal of As, F, Cu, Cr, U, Ra etc. and other toxic radionuclide and Heavy metals.

NAC Technology

The breakthrough NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization) Technology for carbonate Scale Prevention with FILTERSORB SP3. It provides the healthiest mineral enriched water, unlike Ion-Exchange systems which adds undesired sodium.

Instant Dosing Chemicals

Our unique INSTANT (solid powder) Dosing Chemical formulations for all major applications are set to minimize the transportation, handling and storage costs and to eliminate unnecessary water in the Water-Treatment Chemicals.


We offer high efficiency industry-grade disinfection, oxidizing & cleaning agents (no KMnO4 or chlorine based dirty products). Our product range includes super biocides to treat Algae, Slime, Bacteria and Virus problems in industrial and commercial applications.
Katalox Light: Advanced Catalytic Filtration of TSS, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Heavy Metals and Radionulide(see detail)
Catalytic Carbon: Feroxyhyte coated Granular Activated Carbon. Chemically "Regenarable"(see detail)
FILTERSORB SP3 : Advanced bicarbonate Scale Prevention with Directed Nucleation Assisted Crystalization


Crystolite™: Microfiltration filter media(see detail)
TITANSORB™:Titanium dioxide based high capacity adsorbent media(see detail)


FERROLOX™:Iron hydroxide based high capacity adsorbent media(see detail)
INSTANT I-SOFT®:Intelligent dosing chemicals in solid powder form for (see detail)
OXYDES™: Watch-Water® brand for Oxidizers and Disinfection materials (see detail)
Ferrate(VI) and Hydroxyl radical based treatment process. Oxidation, Adsorption and Filtration in one-go!(see detail)